History of Thai Korat Cat :

korat catKorats originated in Thailand, where they are regarded as "good luck" or "si-sawat" cats. This is a very old breed with a documented history going back to at least the 14th century. All registered, pedigreed Korats can trace their lineage back to Thailand.

The first Korat to enter a show may have been show in England in 1896 as a cat of Siam, but because it was not the acknowledged buff color of the "Siamese" cat, it was rejected from competition. This cat may have been a Korat or simply a self-blue Siamese cat, since those genes were present in the Siamese cat population. The first Korats to enter the United States were imported in 1959 and the Korat breed was accepted for championship status in CFA in 1967.

The Korat personality is energetic, intelligent, and affectionate. They are somewhat clannish and prefer the company of their own kind, and some care needs to be taken mixing them in households. If they are an "only Korat" they may do fine, but two Korats in the same household as a non-Korat cat may gang up on the "outsider".

They are never outcrossed to other breeds, nor was any other breed known to have been used in their development as a pedigreed breed. Korats are unusual in that there are not a parent breed of any other breed.

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